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RE Idaho Code, Title 41-348, Prohibited acts involving service providers.

Idaho Code, Title 41-348 (2) states, it is unlawful for a service provider to engage in a regular practice of waiving, rebating, giving, paying or offering to waive, rebate, five or pay all or part of a claimant’s deductible or claim for casualty…or property insurance.

This section makes it illegal for an auto glass provider to offer payments or other valuable incentives that are tied in any way to the amount of a customer’s insurance deductible or insurance claim. Promotional or marketing incentives offered by auto glass providers must be made without regard to whether the customer has insurance and may not be linked to the amount of an insurance deductible of claim. This includes offers to pay customers for advertising or to purchase damaged windshields for “salvage”. Offers limited to persons with insurance or advertisements that promise to pay a deductible or provide a “free” windshield will be viewed by the department as a violation of section 41-348. Violation may result in an administrative penalty of up to $5000.

This letter was sent to all glass providers in an effort to clarify any misunderstanding. Please feel free to contact the department if you have further questions.

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Regulatory Bureau Chief
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